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It was the lcd screen. I have bought two replacement inverters from ebay but still no joy. I think you have a problem with the backlight lamp inside the LCD screen. That tells me the motherboard and video card works properly. Moving the lid sometimes makes the screen go normal, but this is not repeatable.

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I cannot tell what is wrong without looking at the laptop.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

From the provided description it sounds like you have a problem with the LCD screen. I dropped my Sony Vaio and cracked the screen.

Once it starts acting up again, I will get a backlight and test it. I was wondering if you think this is the Blacklight lamp or the Inverter Board or possibly something else.

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I have a Dell Inspiron e… has worked fine with NO faults until this toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp. It does not work with a external monitor, the same results black screen. I guess there could be a problem with the motherboard. Will really appreciate your help. If it did, try connecting the broken screen again.

Last week I repaired one laptop with exactly the same problem description it made a sound, like a zzzzzt and then a pop. My lcd screen goes black on AC but works toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp on battery, external monitor works ok either way, screen shows desktop towhiba black on battery when shine light on it. I thought that by describing these details to you, you might have toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp clues in order to pin down the a135-s2266 and make a decision.

I sounds like the inverter because after reading some of satellitf comments, an external toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp can be used and if you take a flashlight aim it at the screen from the corner you can see everything. Toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp the inverter board is not difficult. The right side of the display is bright. Just in case test your laptop with video on the external monitor. I have a hp compaq p, and it have problem with inverter.

Toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp my case it works fine and the PC seems normal. Now when I tried reinstalling the old inverter it does the same thing as the new one. Did backligth work on the cracked screen? Could it be an inverter problem? I ordered a new screen invertor and replaced the old one.

I cannot start the machine at all; with or without the battery removed and just the adapter. Watellite am waiting for x; reply…. You still should be able to start the laptop when inverter fails but the image on the screen will be very dark.

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On the picture below you can see satelltie typical laptop display assembly which includes the LCD screen, video cable and inverter board. Picture was fine on top. By the way, check the lid close switch. No enough power to the inverter from toshlba motherboard! If you do everything correctly, the LCD screen should work properly with a new connector.

I then hooked the computer up to an external monitor and the image was able to display properly on the external monitor. I read toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp of your previous posts and went ahead and took the screen apart. When the lightning struck there was a flash from where the adapter connects to the laptop and the machine went off only to immediatly power on again, it then continued working fine for a while.

In your case only one part of the screen is affected, so I assume this is the backlight lamp failure. If one of the modules is bad, the laptop will start properly when the bad module is removed.

I was considering getting another LCD to try but toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp so toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp now since your response.

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