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Behringer’s Phantom Power Supply PS enables you to select between two different power supplies with low-noise audio Ceci dit, il faudra que je m’y mette un jour See All Behringer Unpowered Mixers. Shop New, Used and Vintage Gear. As I’ve taken a change of pace, it’s come off my rig and into my studio. The FX are fun.

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Behringer XENYX XUSB Manuals

Sublimely Musical British EQ The British mixing consoles of the s and ’70s changed the sound of rock-and-roll-without them the British Invasion behringer xenyx x1204usb not have happened.

And it’s very much out of place. I would recomend this mixer to a friend with some caveats, the next price level mixers offer better features to suit my needs.

Digital Effects Processor The biggest thing I don’t behringer xenyx x1204usb is how sensitive it is to clipping. I spilled water all over behringer xenyx x1204usb mixer by accident, and I plugged it back in and it was good to go. We use this as a sub-mixer to feed our recording device an old Roland VS Behringer has professional products at prices every musician can afford. Home Studio Performances Professional Recording.

The S16 Digital Snake from Behringer behringet the burden out of connecting Having behringer xenyx x1204usb solo switch available to set a level while a channel is muted is a nice option not seen on a board in this price range. Table of contents Specifications X1204uxb ne mets rien en doute, mais j’aimerai savoir! Bottom line is we are very happy with this mixer, and consider it a great value for behringer xenyx x1204usb price.

Want to transfer your old cassette tapes to CD before the oxide falls off These state-of-the-art mic pres represent a major step in the evolution of audio technology-and they can easily hold their own, even when compared to the most expensive standalone mic preamps.

With Behringer you can receive double the features behringer xenyx x1204usb half the price. The only usable setting I can imagine for the interface would be at a conference or in a church, where you’d want to record the event. If you behringer xenyx x1204usb more time on the stage than behind it, then take x120u4sb look at some of Behringer’s performance-oriented options. A separate section for each language would have been better, although the requirement to duplicate the copious and excellent diagrams in it would make the Quick Start Guide substantially larger.

Like any software interface, be prepared to do some work and try different combinations until you get the combination that works right for you. However, we are very pleased with the results we have attained thus far.

Bonjour, Mon fils de 16 ans c’est en servie pour faire de l’animation radio sur le web sans souci. Go behringer xenyx x1204usb ASIO and download the latest! If you know what your behringer xenyx x1204usb and like the USB side of it, it will work but just know what your in for. Ask me a question. This mixer board deliveries quality and performance. That may behrijger cheesy or even too good to be true, but Behringer’s track record has proven they’re more than capable of delivering just what they promise.

A basic installation behringer xenyx x1204usb of one PI Input Module, which connects to the behringer xenyx x1204usb mixing console, and x12204usb to six PM Personal Mixers, creating a system big enough Need more time playing with it to get more out of it.

If it fails for the same defect 3 times, it is replaced on the 4th breakdown. Open quick view dialog for Behringer Powerplay P2. My needs are pretty simple, running an “experimental” music behringet based on feedbacking effects.

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X32 is intuitive and powerful with 40 processing channels and 25 mix USB limited to 2 tracks. Was this review helpful? Some folks have reported problems with the Behringer driver and recommend ASIO4All as none of the Behringer drivers are marked for Windows 8 hopefully that will soon change. Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions.

Bonjour ce n’est pas une table de mixage mais une petite console de mixage qui sert pour sonoriser un groupe ou autre. Term for New Gear begins on date of purchase but does not replace the store return policy or manufacturer coverage.

Guitar Amp Buying Guides. Je ne vous le conseille surtout pas! Open quick view dialog for Behringer Xenyx Mixer. If you’re looking for a great solution for streaming music into Second Life, this is it! See all my reviews. The pro audio gear in this section is designed to give aspiring sound engineers and musicians access to professional features within their budgets, which means a lower barrier to entry so you can start a music career without having to give up your life savings.

Ratings Distribution 5 Stars. The only criticism I have of quality behringer xenyx x1204usb that the faders feel a little lose compared to behringer xenyx x1204usb more expensive boards I’ve used in the past. Most Liked Negative Review. Behringer xenyx x1204usb more you look through the lineup of Behringer products, the more and more obvious it is that he succeeded. I’m behringer xenyx x1204usb happy with this versatile mixer – abundant balanced inputs, compression, decent effects, USB, reasonably quiet, phantom power, switchable A or B main outputs.

Guitar Effects Buying Guide.

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