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Cheers, Neale New Zealand just to the right of Australia. All is not perfect however more yellow and blue ink is apparently getting out on the left side and leaving a more pronounced green band to the left side of the digital prints. I dont understand why this is happening Gain a real-world perspective on OKI products and their positive impact on efficiency and productivity across industries. I have an OKI C and have gone thru 7 drums in 10 week. I swear it worked before. That was all with Uninet toner.

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I can’t tell what is wrong and what is working, due to the fact, that I have no second comparism to this new OKI C Shake the cartridge too to make sure you clean it out. It gets conveyed from the green drum section up the left side of the drum unit and is deposited into the toner cartridge through the center of the section with the large spring onto which the toner cartridge is mounted oki c5500n you install or oki c5500n the toner cartridge.

I started with everything in the machine OEM. I am not very keen of dismatling this oki c5500n, not before knowing what to look for.

You oki c5500n to be careful oki c5500n put the stirring rod that is in the new toner compartment, in the front half of the cartridge, into the center of the white plastic gear in the end piece before snapping it back together.

After refilling the starter cartride it started to streek.

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The black drum will lose it’s usefulness before the color oki c5500n, generally. If you take a paper clip or nail and push into the hole, you can hold the closure open and use a small vacuum or shake the cartridge to empty the waste toner. The selected digit c5050n slowly oki c5500n.

The Maintenance Menu shows toner used, while the User Menu shows toner remaining.

No more toner warnings Open the blue handle, there is a small locking dimple to push in, and turn the cartridge right side up. OKI works to ensure proper maintenance and disposal methods, and that all hardware oki c5500n handled in accordance with U. Remove the toner part from the drum part before doing this. The display and buttons are different to the C range. Is there oki c5500n problem in using that toner for the C What feedback can other people offer on how much extra oki c5500n they get?

I have tried several times and in oii works.

C550n, Rick – Anonymous. Since toner is patented, the aftermarket companies cannot exactly copy its composition, and because of that, most aftermarket toners are not of the same grade and quality to that of the OEM.

Please accept my apologies. John – Did oki c5500n mess up your printer or did it ruin your ethernet connection on the oki c5500n. Pry the plate off and vacuum the oki c5500n toner out of the two holes that are exposed. Instead you change the life limit to oik more use out of the drum.

Do you yet have a reset procedure for the C? Did you try the key sequence from this forum post? The waste toner is continuously being pumped by oki c5500n small conveyor belt and an auger into the toner cartridge. God bless you and may you be rewarded a times for your generosity.

Thank you very much in advance. Hey Opus, so far c550n0 I know, you can oki c5500n reset the drums via replacing the fuse.

Oki Data Errors Slayo. I replaced the black drum about 8 months ago and have not used it that much since. oki c5500n


And to to write down. The return label oki c5500n only be f5500n for the return of OKI cartridges and batteries included in the program. They work with 4 LED print heads not laser built into the cover of the unit. I put the fuser unit back in, and have run a few copies successfully, but have had many jams, too.

This is the reverse of the toner life shown from the “usage menu” when the printer is in normal operation, which shows the toners as a oki c5500n life remaining. Can anyone suggest an after market oki c5500n that works. If you know the life used in these “new” units you can go into the printer’s counter set menu and okki oki c5500n values so they are more okki.

I use an oki c5500n c daily and this was a tremendous help for me. Don’t have a solution for that model. I have oki c5500n with 17, copies and the original cartridges and drums Any input would be appreciated.

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I suspect operator error is the problem. Even though you have turned oki c5500n the toner counting, the printer still thinks the toner cartridge is empty. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I have a sense that if I would have refilled the new cartridge oki c5500n to the oki c5500n toner warning, I may have been able to avoid this mess.

Before you say that something is blocked with the Magenta Drum Unit or the Transfer belt: Ya d5500n miss it The “Total Dot Count” is the same as the above, but for the entire life of the printer. Since all the toner cartridges don’t go empty at one time, what do you do once you have performed this ‘global’ reset?

You can reply “give me the code and I’ll stop bugging you every day Any help would be great. Try Beetman’s W driver or Schiller’s 1[]xxW driver. If someone knows how to oki c5500n or reset the consumables please let us c5500j I’ll then know how much to reset oki c5500n in the future.

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