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BAT file contains the following statements for parallel interface communications: HP Planet Partners Program availability varies. Registration Assembly Item No. These and other parameters can also be configured through HP JetAdmin. This is the default setting. Printer cartridges can add a significant amount to your printing costs — sometimes more than the printer itself.

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Clean the outside surfaces with a alserjet water-dampened hp laserjet 4 c2001a. The printer accepts slower parallel communications used for connections with older computers. Facing the rear of the hp laserjet 4 c2001a, release the 2 latches as follows: Removing Covers It is usually best to remove and replace the covers in the order shown.

Consumables and accessories such as those listed in Table can be ordered from Hewlett-Packard. This tray is adjusted differently than Tray 2 page Designed to handle all your work needs from documents, reports, faxing, and scanning to all of your home needs like printing hp laserjet 4 c2001a assignments, concert tickets and family photos. Hint If you find a defect that is laseerjet depicted, record the probable cause along with the conditions in the printing environment and save a copy of the defect for future reference.

Figure Printer Drive Assembly Table Paper Orientation For Tray 1, load paper with the side-to-be-printed facing up, and the top, short edge toward the printer.


HP pays the shipping costs from the user to the recycling plant. The HP Resource Manager allows you to control hard disk and flash memory features not found in the drivers. Release hp laserjet 4 c2001a latch on the left side cover from the inside of the printer. After hp laserjet 4 c2001a approximately 10, pages. Set the Cold Reset Default. Separate the Engine from the Paper Feed Module page Remove 2 small black M3 screws. Other Areas Outside of North America and Europe, contact your local HP sales office for assistance in obtaining technical support for resellers and service technicians.

Paper Feed Assembly Remove the following covers starting on page Dropouts Possible Cause Action Paper might be too Check the paper or other print media type and smooth. Unplug the connector note routing. The firmware will automatically delete the directory for a user with no stored jobs.

Use a thumbnail to jump quickly to a page and to adjust the view of the current page. HP LaserJet series printer only.

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Figure Cleaning the Drum Functional Information Make sure data from the computer. Designed for needs of radiographers in high-volume hospital imaging departments.

HP ink and toner: If it is necessary to replace the Formatter PCA, the page count should be hp laserjet 4 c2001a to the current value to reflect the age laserjer the Print Engine. Staples supplies both businesses and hp laserjet 4 c2001a. For supported sizes of paper, see page Lawerjet When additional trays or other accessories are installed in the printer, new menu items automatically appear.

Creases Possible Cause Action Paper does not meet 1. Release the catches on the front side of the cover. When you zoom in on a document, you can use the hand tool to move the page around. A single test page with vertical lines prints.

By using this website you consent to the use of cookies and similar technology hp laserjet 4 c2001a described in our Cookies Policy and to the use of your data which we hp laserjet 4 c2001a collected or will collect in the future as further described in our Privacy Policy. Cleaning removes excess Hp laserjet 4 c2001a from Drum surface Conditioning places a uniform electrical charge on Drum Writing laser strikes surface of Drum and creates latent image Developing forms the Toner image on Drum Transferring charge transfers the image to paper Fusing heat and pressure produces a permanent image.

The printer senses the size of paper loaded if the tray is adjusted correctly. Functional Information Overview This chapter presents a generalized functional overview of the printer and the printing processes. Common Screws and Replacement Cables Table Remove the Formatter Pan in order to split the engine from the tray assembly or to access the Gear Train.

PowerSave This feature accessed from the Configuration Hp laserjet 4 c2001a conserves power by shutting down the Fuser and Exhaust Fans after the printer has been idle for an adjustable period of time. Tray 2 and the optional sheet tray can be interchanged in laserjjet printer. By calling a telephone number listed below, you will be connected to a responsive team waiting to help you.

hp laserjet 4 c2001a Regular preventive maintenance will help keep c2010a printer in top condition! Ozone The printer uses charging rollers in the electrophotographic process and Production therefore generates no appreciable ozone gas 0 CFC Usage The Tray 1 Pickup Assembly is on the front of the printer.

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Note Settings sent from software applications override printer defaults. Page of Go. Information Pages Will the printer print information laseerjet successfully? Toner Cartridge is low.

PS detects paper hp laserjet 4 c2001a 3. If the PS does not detect paper within that time interval, the CPU turns off the Feed Roller clutch CL to stop the paper after the top of page sensor PS detects the presence of the preceding page.

Select Custom Install to install only the software you prefer, or if you are a network administrator.

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