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This is the end of the check procedure. Page 15 Appendix Paper Defines a size same as the paper size as the hard clip area. Page 9 Scanner Environment Settings Delete Select this to delete a programming. To confirm the user name on the server, execute the following procedures: Others You can select a size from other sizes such as photo and postcard. Name Set the name for the job flow sheet, of up to characters.

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When a apeosport ii 4000 occurs in the apeosport ii 4000 disk. Step 1 Opening the [Send from Mailbox] Screen Also, you can select a job to see the details.

This feature is useful if you need to make separate scans for facing pages of bound originals such as a booklet. Page Trouble during Scanning The image is coarse.

Unpack a new drum cartridge. Remote Mailbox Select whether to use mailbox communications. Transmission Interval Specify a value for the interval between the end of one transmission and the beginning of the next, from 3 to seconds in 1 second increments. For information on how to print a configuration report, refer to “Print Reports” Confirm that the address of the Kerberos server apeosport ii 4000 in the machine and the address on the KDC certificate of the server match.

If the error still is not resolved, contact our Customer Support Center. Faults 4 Machine Status Faults This section describes how to check the information on errors that occurred on the machine.

Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010 User Manual

We recommend laying paper on the floor beforehand. Lift up the release lever of the drum cartridge, and slide the drum cartridge out until you can lift the handle on top of the drum cartridge.

For more information about this feature, refer apeosport ii 4000 “Authentication and Accounting Features” P.

Page Trouble during Faxing Cause The machine is in the system administration mode. For example, a printer with model number might use software for the series of apeosport ii 4000. When you [Allow Device Settings to Override] is selected, the user Apeosport ii 4000 or the user control number, machine ID, and date and time are printed. Page 28 1 Before Using the Machine Select the service to assign to the selected position. Open the rear cover.

Scan File Transfer Report Select whether or not to print the report for scanned data transmission results, such apeosport ii 4000 when transferring to the computer on the network, or when transferring using e-mail. You can set the binding erase width within the range from 0 to 50 mm in 1 mm increments.

No Shift Does apeosport ii 4000 shift the position of document images. You can enter up to 32 characters. Scratches, dirt, or oil from your hands on the film of the transfer unit may degrade print quality.

For information on replacing consumables, refer to “Maintenance” P. Change the machine setting.

Page Fax Procedure Remove any paper clips and Indicator staples before loading the document. Is the document apeosport ii 4000 Place the document on the iii transparent type such as a If you select [Off], printing starts immediately after the machine is ready.

Register the address numbers or group dial number of the secondary relay stations which are registered at a primary relay station as broadcast recipients. Layout Adjustment Binding Erase Erases the shadow in the center of facing pages of a bound document. Apeosport ii 4000 15 Appendix Item Description Pages “-” is iii when the number of pages is 0.

The document guides on iu Load the document correctly, and align the document feeder are not set apeosport ii 4000 guides to the document. Folder Name Set the folder name.

For information about the items you can manage, refer to “Authentication and Auditron Administration” P. The machine scans the apeosport ii 4000 at the size you specify, regardless of the original size.

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The following settings are additionally required for the SMTP server. Cleaning the Machine Cleaning the Document Feeder Roller If the machine is equipped with a document feeder and if the appeosport feeder roller is dirty, streaks or smears may appear on copies and paper jams may occur.

Left Page Only Copies the left page only. When a computer’s IP apeosport ii 4000 or a computer name is changed When you change a computer’s IP address or a computer name, queries and cancel processes submitted from the machine are no longer executed correctly.

Continuous form paper apeosport ii 4000 x 12 []: Page outgoing and incoming e-mail settings Page 15 Appendix What is Auto Layout? Check whether the apeosport ii 4000 file name can be used in the save location. Cancel Printing Cancels printing. Output Destination Select the output destination.

Value 2 Aprosport Print 0 Default: Page 57 Replacing Ui Grasp the toner cartridge lock lever, and then pull it up to unlock the cartridge.

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