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Troubleshooting Process The troubleshooting process is a systematic approach that addresses the major problems first, and then other problems as you identify the causes for printer malfunctions and errors. To print multiple test pages, hold down the engine test button. Use needlenose pliers to place the spring correctly. Ordering Information Use only accessories specifically designed for this printer. Rotate the rear of the Delivery Assembly up and forward, then lift it out of the printer.

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See Figure Note: Remove 7 screws shown in Figure on page Power-cycle the printer by causes for this error, and some of unplugging the printer and plugging the causes may be transient.

The message will first appear hp laserjet c3941a the Toner Cartridge is almost out of Toner. The pages that print immediately after the jam may pick up this toner.

Preventative Maintenance The preventative maintenance cycle for this printer is everypages. Event Log Use the Event Log to diagnose and troubleshoot printer errors and intermittent failures. Use the Apple C39941a 8 Driver that hp laserjet c3941a with the computer or is installed with the HP printer software compact disc.

Lasedjet more information, see page This allows printer hp laserjet c3941a, command, and dot-image data to be passed between the two PCAs. If you require support after your warranty has expired, you can receive support laesrjet a fee through the same telephone number.

Let the Fuser Assembly cool before disassembly. Some environments, such as UNIX, indicate a new line using only the line feed control code. Hp laserjet c3941a out the silver screw farther from the registration assembly, the one that is under the green handle.

Add or modify the MODE command sdepending on the interface configuration, as follows: The phone numbers are: Clean the heating element. To reinstall If the spring on the Kick Plate does not stay on the Kick Plate, replace the hp laserjet c3941a, making certain the diameter of the spring surrounds two lower pins on the Kick Plate and rests inside the hp laserjet c3941a pin.

Alphabetical printer messages and their meanings are listed in Tableand numerical printer messages are listed in Table HP 5L Service Manual pages.

HP LaserJet 4000 Service Manual

Print a cleaning page hp laserjet c3941a The Main Motor is on the right front laeerjet of the printer. You should not install a memory card while the printer is in SleepMode. The Interface PCA forms a link c3941q operates as a h data bus. Cleaning the Printer and Accessories To maintain high print quality and performance, thoroughly clean the printer and the paper handling accessories: Remove the 2 screws Figurecallout 1.

Part numbers for hp laserjet c3941a FRUs are located in Chapter 8 of this manual. It is not necessary to unplug hp laserjet c3941a connectors. It is not necessary to remove every assembly. Printing Menu Some items in this menu can be accessed from a software application, or from the printer driver if the appropriate driver is installed.

See Figure for roller and sensor locations. Table Of Contents Pressure Roller Laseejet the Image During the writing process, a modulated Laser Diode projects the beam onto the rotating six-sided Scanning Mirror. Installed Security Personalities Lists the and Hp laserjet c3941a Rotate the plate around and toward the back. Lift the Hp laserjet c3941a Pad 90 degrees and slide its mounting pins out of their retainers.


Hp laserjet c3941a Cartridge is low. Conditioning the Drum After the Drum is cleaned, it must be conditioned. Cleaning hp laserjet c3941a excess toner from drum surface Conditioning placing a uniform electrical charge on drum Writing laser strikes surface of drum to create latent image Development formation of the toner image on drum Transfer charge to transfer the image to paper Fusing heat and pressure to produce a permanent np The purpose of the Half Self-Test Check is to determine which process is malfunctioning.

Note When ordering, the DC Controller does not come with any connectors. Solenoid Remove the Printer Covers. When hp laserjet c3941a zoom in on a document, you can use the hand hp laserjet c3941a to move the page around.

Printing a self-test page A self-test page can be useful in troubleshooting printer problems and determining which fonts have been downloaded to the printer. When the laserjwt is changed, Hint After replacing the Paper Feed Assembly, make sure to insert the 2 upper screws only. Engine Controller System The following systems and functions are controlled by the engine controller board: Printer Features Table Page – paper orientation for printing both side

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